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In our latest blog post, receptionist Leah tells us about her recent holiday break abroad. Welcome back Leah and we hope you had a lovely time!

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As Woodborough House has been very busy lately it was lovely to jet off to Cyprus for a relaxing week in the sun!

My mum and I had decided to go on a holiday, just the two of us. We booked it just two weeks before we were meant to be going as we couldn’t decide on where we wanted to go. Finally we came to the decision on Limassol in Cyprus! We were both so excited once we had booked it, as having been there before we knew Cyprus was a lovely place!

Once we got off the plane the heat hit us, it was so hot! I just couldn’t wait to get to the pool to start topping up my tan. But as we arrived in the evening, we had some food, watched a bit of the entertainment that was on and then went to bed.

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We went for a week and all we did was go to the beach or stay by the pool reading our books, it was bliss! They had a Haagen Daaz shop which served amazing desserts! One night we thought we would venture out to try it as we had heard quite a few of the guests at our hotel talking about it, saying how nice it was! They were right, we had a dessert each and it was delicious but we were very full afterwards!

The weather was between 31-34c while we were there, so I managed to come back with a nice tan. The only problem is though; now the weather has taken a turn for the worst in England I can’t show it off! :)

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