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I was very lucky to be able to go on two holidays this year! I went to Portugal in June and had such a great time; I thought I would tag along on my family’s holiday as well!

My mum, sister and my sister’s friend had booked their holiday to Turkey for September time. At first I wasn’t going to go but when I realised I had enough holidays to take at work I thought why not, I could do with topping up my tan! :)

We went to Olu Deniz in Turkey, it was lovely! The temperature was never below 30 degrees and that was in the shade!

On the first day, we decided to have a Turkish bath and then had a massage afterwards which was very relaxing.

turkey 1

In the middle of the holiday we decided to go on a day trip. We had to be up and ready waiting outside our hotel for 8am, so it was a very early start. We went to the mud baths, which was fun, having to cover ourselves in mud, standing in the sun waiting for it to dry!  After we had washed all of the mud off we had lunch and then went to another beach called turtle bay. This beach was where all the turtles laid their eggs. We were lucky enough to see a few turtles, they were huge. Unfortunately, they only made an appearance for a short amount of time so I couldn’t take any photos! We then made our way back to the coach, and had to endure a long two hour drive back to the hotel.

The other days we spent relaxing by the pool or by the blue lagoon, which was the beach nearest to our hotel.

Now I’m home and it’s back to reality but I am already looking at going on holiday to the same place next year! :)

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