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As you all know we are a fully private practice here at Woodborough House. This can sometimes put people off as most patient’s associate private dentistry as expensive and in some cases unaffordable. This however doesn’t have to be the case!

Many large companies will provide staff with dental insurance, this means that you can attend your appointment and although the fees are to be made at the time of the appointment our friendly reception team are well equipped to fill out an insurance claim form so that you can redeem some of the costs. Each dental insurance company will cover different fees so it is important to read through and ensure that you know what you are entitled to.

Here at Woodborough House we provide a dental insurance plan called Denplan Essentials. This enables you to spread the costs of your check up and hygienist appointments out over a monthly period which means that you don’t have to pay when you attend your appointment. It also entitles you to discount on you dental treatments with a general dentist such as fillings and crowns. (excluding lab fees and any specialist referral treatments) This allows you to get the quality and care provided by a private practice, but without the expensive fee’s.

Denplan also provide optional extras such as dental implant insurance, this means that if you were you have an accident and required extensive treatment, such as dental implant placement, Denplan would pay out for a considerable amount of the fee.

Denplan are a fantastic insurance company and if you are a regular dental attendee this option would definitely benefit you!

The fees for two check-up appointments and two hygienist appointments per year plus 10% discount off treatment with a general dentist is only £18.50 per month. If you wanted to join us as a new patient and signed up for Denplan (which would be £85 for your initial consultation) your Denplan would cover this appointment fee.

Why not give the practice a call on 01189 843 108 to find out how Denplan could benefit you and your families dental treatment.

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