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Mandy Anstey

How long have you been working at Woodborough House?

It must be about 16 months. I started working at Woodborough House in July 2022. 

What is your role?

I’m part of the admin team here. Each of us takes care of specific dentists. I personally look after Dr. Celine Higton and Dr. Shivam Kotecha. Alongside overseeing their needs, my role revolves around reception and admin and together as a team we strive to ensure everything runs smoothly for our patients.

What is your background and your journey to where you are now?

For over 20 years of my career, I worked in the motor industry, starting off at Mercedes before moving to Aston Martin, where I handled sales admin. Later, I went on to Jaguar Land Rover, working in their service department. However, when my daughter had her first child, I reduced my days to three a week at Millgate homes, a small builder, where I helped in their show home in more of a sales role.

After a shift in focus, my work changed course into the healthcare sector, where I held various roles. Prior to joining Woodborough House, I was patient services coordinator in a cancer centre, which unfortunately closed down, leading me to my current role here.

Moving away from the motor industry was a welcome change for me. While cars never captivated my interest, I stayed in that environment for the interactions I had with people. I always had zero personal interest in luxury cars! Whether at the car franchises or the show home, it was the human connections that truly resonated with me. I’m undeniably a people person. There was also something very infectious about working with people who were investing in something they were genuinely excited about purchasing.

Transitioning into healthcare feels relevant at this stage of my life. It’s working with the patients that I find fulfilling, along with the chance to hopefully make a meaningful difference. Working at Woodborough House, I find fulfilment in easing people’s nerves. Identifying when someone is anxious and offering reassurance or understanding is a crucial part of my role. Many patients often find comfort in chatting to alleviate their nerves. Being attuned to their feelings and taking small steps to ease their discomfort is part of my role here.

What is it about your job that you enjoy the most?

Working alongside people in need of a bit of support is what makes my job the most rewarding. Personally, I don’t like going to the dentist, so I empathise with the apprehension many patients feel. Understanding their concerns is perhaps why I’m particularly empathetic. My role involves improving the experience for patients, making their visit less daunting by offering a friendly ear and a reassuring conversation. Patients often appreciate having someone to talk to, especially if they’re anxious. Matching the right patient with the right dentist is key. Even though all our dentists are excellent, it’s about finding the perfect fit for each individual.Identifying the best match is something that feels instinctive, ensuring each patient feels comfortable and at ease.

What is it about the WH culture that you like?

Here, everyone shares a common goal: delivering exceptional care to our patients. Working with like-minded colleagues who genuinely care makes it possible. Our reception team shares a similar mindset and operates cohesively. Patients value the consistency they experience; they receive top quality care at every interaction, and that’s something we quietly strive for. We’re all committed to delivering that same level of excellence, maintaining a standard we all understand.

I feel fortunate to work alongside such a lovely group. This role was my first in dentistry, and I had a lot to learn initially. Thankfully, there’s always someone ready to offer guidance if needed. We have a supportive team that backs each other up, ensuring we all succeed together.

How would you describe WH in 3 words?




The team lies at the core of everything; it’s impossible to deliver quality or foster a caring environment without everyone being involved. Consistently delivering exceptional customer service relies entirely on our cohesive team effort.

How do you unwind outside of work?

I live in a small village surrounded by the countryside. We’ve got a lovely community. I enjoy taking my chocolate labrador for walks with neighbours and friends.

Cooking is something I also really like doing, especially when I get the family together. We often socialise with friends nearby, have a good chat, and just enjoy each other’s company. 

What’s your favourite film or book?

There’s this old film I love called Shirley Valentine – it’s really touching but a bit sad too. The story is about a woman who feels stuck in life and thinks there’s something more out there for her. She’s in a kind of mundane routine with someone who doesn’t seem to care much. It’s emotional watching her journey to find a better life and to rediscover her sense of self. This film always makes me cry, but it’s so well done. It’s got everything – the story, the emotions – are all absolutely perfect.

What’s your favourite meal?

I really enjoy curry. I do make a great chicken saag and that would be probably what I’d order at an Indian restaurant as well. Chicken saag would probably be my top choice. If not that, then it would have to be like fresh seafood, preferably eaten on a Greek island!

What was the last picture you took on your phone?

It’s a picture of my grandchildren when they came over to stay for the weekend. We introduced them to ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ and they went home singing one of the songs from the film. 

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