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Nerves Be Gone!

Often people’s fear of the dentist develops in childhood, a memory of pain or worry in the dental chair is hard to shake. We believe that it is our job to ensure that this never happens; you should feel completely comfortable in our care whether it is your first visit or your 100th. The worst part of dental fear is that it can put you off visiting the dentist all together, which is not the answer! The best way to keep away from the dental chair is actually to visit us regularly. A good dentist will be looking out for problems before they become a nuisance saving you from future invasive treatments.

Of course there are many people who haven’t been to the dentist for a long time and fear that when they do eventually go they will be faced with a long list of problems, this can be a worrying thought, but if you go to the right dentist you need not be afraid. Here at Woodborough House we approach nerves in a variety of ways to suit you.

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