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How To Know If You Should Get Composite Bonding

Sometimes a simple whitening treatment isn’t enough to get your smile looking perfect. There are many different dental […]

Helping Your Child Be Less Afraid of The Dentist

Taking your child to the dentist for the first time can seem like a daunting task. Not knowing […]

Changing Lives Through Smiles

Your smile plays a bigger role in your life than you might think. If you’re unhappy with your […]

Invisalign: Is It The Best?

Worrying about your teeth being misaligned isn’t something anyone wants to think about. Plus, with many people assuming […]

3 Dental Myths Busted

Many horror stories are floating around that might have made you afraid of the dentists when you were […]

Everything You Need To Know About The Wand

Around 10% of the UK population suffers from some kind of needle phobia, while 53% of us suffer […]

Our Ultimate Guide To Using The Right Toothbrush

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of oral hygiene. But, how do you know if your routine is […]

These 4 Surprising Things Will Give You Bad Breath

Many brands and products on the market claim that they can help get rid of your bad breath. […]

What’s an iTero Scanner?

Here at Woodborough House, we have some of the most cutting edge technology in dentistry, including an iTero […]

Knowing Your Facial Rejuvenation Options

As treatments like Botox become increasingly popular, it can be difficult not to think you’re going to want […]

How To Stop Snoring

Why Do I Snore? Snoring is a super common issue that many of us don’t realise we suffer […]

How to Whiten Your Teeth Safely

Most people, at some point, want a whiter, brighter smile. And, it can seem like there are so […]

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