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Last month Dr Nick Fahey was invited to attend a meeting at the Straumann HQ in Gatwick with a select group of dentists from around the UK.

Straumann has always strived to develop the best dental implant system available on the current market. They are not only one of the best dental implant manufacturers in the world, but they also strive to provide the best in dental implant education to the dentists using their product.

Nick is already considered one of Straumann’s best clients, and he is well respected throughout the dental implant industry. Nick has been asked as one of only around 32 carefully selected dentists throughout the UK to become a Straumann Clinical Mentor. Nick is already a fellow of the ITI (International Team of Implantology). He also gets to travel to Basel in Switzerland to Straumann’s Headquarters to provide feedback and ideas for current and future Straumann equipment. Nick is very honoured to be chosen by Straumann and mentor fellow professionals.

The mentoring programme has been designed to help dentists that are less experienced at placing dental implants or dentists who wish to begin placing dental implants. It gives these dentists a chance to learn with confidence from an experienced and knowledgeable clinician such as Dr Nick Fahey.

They will have the opportunity to plan their cases with the help of their mentor and have the mentor present at the dental implant surgery appointment. It allows the dentists, patients and Straumann the confidence and support to know that the dental implants being placed are being done with the utmost care and attention.

At Woodborough House we are very proud that our very own Dr Nick Fahey is seen as a leading mentor for Straumann dental implants.

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