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Nurses to the rescue!

Me and Laura came to the rescue to one of our dear 92 year old patients today. She came to see Sarah for her dental examination, and decided that it was time to repair the two broken front teeth on her denture. As Sarah wanted to speak with our lab guy to check that the repair was possible, we told our patient we would give her a call to let her know this was possible. When we came to call, the telephone number she gave us was not working. Panic!!!!! So, me and Laura decided it would much easier if we walked to her house and told her the situation (see, blondes do have a brain!). The pt was absolutely delighted that we made the trip through Pangbourne to tell her about her denture repair. We even got an invite into her home. As she relies on a carer to bring her to practice, we offered to drop her home after her next appointment here with Sarah. We want to do all we can to keep our loyal patients happy.

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