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If you pop into the practice over the next few weeks, you may well catch the Woodborough team keeping one hopeful eye out for a delivery van. This is because Dr Nick has recently purchased an Ozone Machine for which we are excitedly awaiting delivery.

The Ozone Machine is an innovative new product which both Nick and Sarah are very much looking forwards to receive and begin using. It will provide unique benefits for our patients, as it promises to more effectively clear bacteria out of decayed areas in a tooth. As well as being used in prosthodontics, bleaching, endodontics and surgery, ozone can also be used to purify drinking water and water in dental equipment and for sterilising instruments for medical use, and is therefore an asset in all areas of dentistry and will be great for our practice!

ozone at woodborough house

If you’re curious about the science behind it, Medical Ozone is made when medical grade oxygen is electrically activated (using an Ozone Generator) to form ozone.3. It is a mixture of the purest oxygen and purest ozone. The ozone therapist determines the complete dosage according to the medical/dental indication and the patient’s condition. It has been used in medical field since long back due to its extremely strong oxidant property that oxidises nearly all surfaces to the highest oxidation stage.

It is used as a circulatory enhancement and stimulation of oxygen metabolism, and to kill pathogens. Multiple microbiological & the biochemical studies justified that there are no doubts about the effectiveness of ozone in bacterial reduction.

Not only is the machine great with regards to health and technology, it is a far more ecologically friendly piece of kit, which is surely something to really smile about! We look forwards to sharing pictures of it in action with you when it arrives!

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