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Protect those knashers!

The kids are back to school (hooray!!) and we are all back to our daily routines. Today Nae has been seeing children and teenagers for their dental exams before they go back to school. She has also been talking to them, and their parents, about sports mouthguards. When taking part in school sports, especially rugby and hockey, the children should be protecting their teeth with a bespoke mouth guard. The dentist will take impressions and send them off to the lab for them to be made. A mouth guard is a great investment for your children, as we have seen many kids that have knocked front teeth out and chipped them due to playings games and sports. This can then result in having extensive treatment, such as Root Canal Therapy, Crowns or Implants.

If you have any questions about sports mouthguards or what to discuss it further with your dentist then please ask us. We want to keep you and the kids smiling

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