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Root Canal Crazy!!

Today at the practice, we have been bombarded with tooth aches! It always seems to be around this time of year that people start to suffer. This shows just how important regular dental examinations are. Our patients have been coming in complaining of pain on biting, being woken at night, or dull aches. Nae was able to take radiographs and diagnose the problem tooth or teeth. Many people become extremely nervous when the word “root canal” is mentioned, but this may be because they may not know exactly what it involves. Root Canal is basically dis-infecting and cleaning the tooth. Small instruments are used to help clean out the tooth and a rubber material is used to fill the root canal. We have the great advantage of having Raquel, our in house Endodontist. She has a special interest in endodontics, and has treated our most complex cases with great success. She is lovely, and all the WH Team are so pleased she has joined us. We want to keep you all smiling, so providing our patients with the highest professional care is one of the ways we can achieve this.  If you have any questions regarding root canal treatment then please ask our team.

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