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Smiles all round

One of our nurses, Hayley, has come into work this morning with a smile bigger than ever!  After 18 months Hayley has had her orthodontic braces removed and is overjoyed!  Now she has the smile she has always dreamed of.  She has also started a trend amongst the team, Sarah our receptionist is about to undergo invisalign with Mark so her teeth will look fantastic for her wedding next September.  So next time you are in have a look and see how her treatment is going.  Remember Mark also does free consulations for invisalign so if you have a big day coming up come and see us!

1 thought on “Smiles all round

  1. I am so pleased with my new smile!! I had braces when I was younger, but unfortunately, like many, I had a relapse and my teeth gradually moved back.
    I was slightly nervous about having braces again, but after the initial “getting used to them” stage all was well. I had fixed braces with clear brackets so you could bearly notice them. I am now making sure I wear my Invisilign retainer to prevent any future relapse.
    I was so happy with them and would recommend it to anyone!!!

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