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How long have you been working at Woodborough House?

It was actually my one year anniversary on the 9th of January. So it’s been just over a year. 

What is your role?

I’m a Dental Hygiene Therapist, predominantly working alongside Nick but also independently on some days. My work involves assisting Nick with consultations, X-rays and scans, and preparing patients for their surgeries with Nick. On surgery days, I will also help with sedating patients, assisting Nick with phlebotomy, making PRGF membranes for surgical use, and giving patients post-operative advice. On Fridays, like today, I’m a hygienist, focusing on patients with implants or gum disease. 

What is your background and your journey to where you are now?

I hadn’t considered dentistry until a year before I had to decide which course to study. During a visit to South America to see family in Chile, I tried to get some diverse work experience, exploring different fields with my many uncles and aunts, and  interestingly, one of my aunts is an orthodontics lecturer at a dental hospital. After shadowing her for a while, I was amazed and decided that dentistry was for me. Further exploration led me to dental hygiene and therapy, which felt like the perfect fit. When I visited the Birmingham dental hospital for my studies, I was blown away – I knew this was the right path for me.

I discovered Sarah and Woodborough House through a family friend who had a business connection with the practice. I was fortunate to be given Sarah’s contact details, and after reaching out, we had a call the next day. Sarah was keen to meet me, and I her, and from that meeting onwards, the rest is history. I moved directly from the dental hospital to Woodborough House, and it’s been my sole workplace since.

Starting here has been a godsend, and I almost feel spoiled. It is challenging to relate to others who have graduated with me as I feel what I’m doing is so different. While many of them stick to general hygiene work Monday to Friday, that’s only one part of my role. I engage in a variety of unique tasks that set me apart. Assisting in surgeries, especially at Nick’s level, is not something most can say they do as regularly. Woodborough House has equipped me well for my career, and my first year has exceeded my expectations.

When I first started here, Nick and Sarah enrolled me in numerous courses, including a photography courseand CBCT course. Currently, I handle all the photography for Nick which is a significant aspect of my day-to-day responsibilities. Photography is a passion of mine, and the remarkable technology available at Woodborough House allows me to work with the latest tech. The CT scanning room in particular stands out as we have the capability to perform scans that would typically require an external hospital visit. 

What is it about your job that you enjoy the most?

I love the variety of my work – no two days are the same! The variety is what makes working here special. I have the opportunity to liaise not only with Nick but also with other talented clinicians like Celine, Hamish, Rupert, Nav, and Sally. Woodborough House feels like a mini hospital, and I get to engage with these professionals daily. Here, I benefit from a multitude of opinions across various specialties, and that’s what I find particularly rewarding about working at Woodborough House.

I love working with the patients as well, especially those treated by Nick. The commitment and motivation they show in maintaining their implants post-treatment make each workday enjoyable. Their investment in Nick’s expertise translates into an investment in their oral health. 

What is it about the WH culture that you like?

I feel a strong connection with my colleagues here; there’s a real sense of community at Woodborough House. I enjoy spending time with the nurses, appreciating their diverse backgrounds and the variety they bring. Hanging out in the staff space during lunch breaks, sharing biscuits and chocolates from patients (which we love!) adds to the camaraderie. It’s just a laugh most of the time and it’s a really nice atmosphere working here. I appreciate the mix of people from different walks of life. It’s particularly nice that we have many Spanish speakers, allowing me to practice chatting in Spanish. With colleagues like Luis from Venezuela and Fanny from Peru, we have a wonderful variety of South American backgrounds in the Woodborough team.

We receive substantial training here, which shows the significant investment in our development as the Woodborough team. I’m particularly excited about an upcoming practice-wide training session in phlebotomy, where we’ll all learn how to collect blood samples. This ensures that whether it’s Nick or another clinician treating a patient, everyone receives the best care. This investment in expanding our skills aligns with the Woodborough ethos, emphasizing the value placed on our continuous growth and development.

Nick and Sarah are exceptionally forward-thinking. For instance, Nick’s book is a testament to his innovative approach, and I often find people in the waiting room flicking through it.

How would you describe WH in 3 words?




I will always go back to the fact that no matter whatever you come to Woodborough for, you’ll always receive the best treatment and care. 

How do you unwind outside of work?

Typically, I spend my free time going for a dog walk with my dog Dora and my partner. We wander around the woods and then head to a dog-friendly coffee shop for hot chocolate and a game of Scrabble. I also enjoy visiting my girlfriends in Reading – tonight, we’re attending a gig and planning to have a few drinks afterward. On longer weekends, we often head to Bournemouth for a nice long beach walk.

What’s your favourite film or book?

I’m not much of a fictional book reader. I’d definitely be more into movies. There are so many great films, but if I had to pick one I’d say it is Howl’s Moving Castle; it’s a film from my childhood which is very whimsical with magic and amazing visuals. I always recommend it if someone would like to feel transported to another world. 

What’s your favourite meal?

Seafood, without a doubt. I have a deep love for it, especially a plate of oysters – my absolute favorite. The Chilean in me appreciates this, as seafood holds a significant place in South American culture. I might enjoy the oysters with a hint of lemon juice and shallots or simply have them as they come.

What was the last picture you took on your phone?

I’m currently cat sitting for a family friend that I’ve known since I was a child and so it’s a picture of Lewis the cat cuddled on my lap whilst I’m watching Traitors on TV. You can see his little paw pads spread out. He looks so cute!

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