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Many of you will remember the experience of coming to the dentist as quite an unpleasant one. However, here at Woodborough House we pride ourselves in creating the most relaxed treatment possible for our patients. We can do this with the help of the latest technology.

One of these pieces of technology is our iTero Scanner. We have had this in the practice for a few years now and it is one of both the dentists’ and patients’ favourite pieces of equipment!

The iTero scanner is an intraoral scanner and works using cad-cam technology. We can scan hard tissues such as teeth and it means that in most cases there is no longer a need for impressions. All of that horrible gooey impression material – gone!

If you are a current patient at the practice you may have had this machine used on yourself or seen it stood in the corner of the room. All of the dentists in the practice have access to this machine when needed, as it is portable. It is used for making crowns, bridges, veneers and implant work, however it does have other uses as well.

Dr Nick Fahey uses the iTero scanner regularly to scan patients that he is preparing for computer guided dental implant placement.  Mandy, Nick’s nurse, is trained to scan patients’ teeth. During what is called a Work-up appointment all of the teeth in the patient’s mouth have to be scanned. This is done very quickly, and then gets sent to a specialist laboratory direct from the scanner where models of the teeth can be made.

We have also recently started using the iTero scanner to scan patient’s teeth when they wish to have teeth straightening via Invisalign. This not only means that patients no longer need to have impressions, it also means that we receive information back from Invisalign much quicker that posting impressions.

So, as you can see this piece of equipment contains valued technology both for the staff and patients here at Woodborough House. If you would like to know any more information about the iTero scanner and how it may benefit you, please do get in touch!

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