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Many of us don’t want to admit to it, but snoring can cause some people serious distress and problems in life. Sen saw a lovely lady today, who explained to us that she has recently been tested for Diabetes. She had been suffering from extreme exhaustion, tiredness, and too much sleep just isn’t enough. Sen had just recently been to lectures and studied sleeping disorders, anti-snoring devices and sleep apnea. Snoring plays a major role in sleep apnea and we have decided to try and help. We have suggested that she tries wearing an anti-snoring device at night. Snoring occurs when the soft tissue at the back of the throat vibrates when you breathe while you sleep. The mouth guard gently pushes your lower jaw forward to stretch the soft tissue, thus reducing snoring. This could help this lady in a big way! We are also referring her to a respiratory clinic at a hospital.

If you have similar symptoms, or think that you may benefit from wearing an anti-snoring device, please call the practice and speak to one of our patient co-ordinators. Our dentists here would be more than happy to make you one. We want to keep you smiling .

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