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Nae was busy today, with a patient who has decided to have her teeth whitened and also to replace some old fillings. As the patient wanted white composite fillings we decided that it was best that the patient did a couple of weeks of home whitening before changing the old fillings. This enables Nae to pick the correct shade for the new fillings, as her patient will then have lovely bright white teeth. Nae explained how the whitening treatment works, and explained what the patient needs to do at home. We advised the patient to try and avoid food and drinks that are likely to stain(ie: black coffee, red wine, curry and beetroot). Teeth are more porous during the period that you bleach, so the teeth are more likely to pick up stains. Nothing a good polish with our Hygienist won’t fix though! We even had time to catch up on the latest  Eastenders gossip. Nae was really behind with the times! We are looking forward to seeing the results in a couple of weeks (and the continuing chaos of Albert Square)

If you are interested in whitening your teeth, then ask our reception team or your dentist. We have all done it at WH, so have a look at our pearly whites when you are next in.

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