Six Month Smiles in Reading, Berkshire

This effective, safe and affordable treatment is the perfect solution to creating a beautifully straight smile without traditional metal braces. 6 Month Smiles braces are discreet and fast. At Woodborough House, we’ve already treated thousands of patients in Reading, Berkshire and beyond using the 6 Month Smiles Braces System.

Six Month Smiles braces are unlike any other orthodontic treatments because they really can straighten your teeth in just 6 months, and sometimes less. This revolutionary system is ideal for adults who want to improve the appearance of their crooked teeth in a short period of time.

How Do 6 Month Smiles Braces Work?

If you’ve considered teeth straightening treatment but are put-off by the classic metal braces, then 6 Month Smiles is the ideal solution. This technique uses low force to gently align crooked or wonky teeth, focusing on the teeth that show when you smile. This is unlike conventional orthodontic treatment where all the teeth are straightened including the back teeth.

What Do the Six Month Smiles Braces Look Like?

One of the most unappealing aspects of teeth straightening treatment is the appearance of metal braces in your mouth. This is particularly a concern for adults who may feel embarrassed about undergoing treatment. When it comes to 6 Month Smiles, treatment is extremely discreet. The brackets and wires are both tooth-coloured, so they’re barely visible. We often have patients referring their friends and family members from the local Reading and Berkshire area for 6 Month Smiles braces to us because they loved how “invisible” the treatment is.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for 6 Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles braces are suitable for those with crooked or gapped teeth front teeth. For more complex cases, the dentist may recommend an alternative method, such as Invisalign or more comprehensive orthodontic treatment. We are happy to discuss your options with you at your first consultation.

Six Month Smiles in Reading at Woodborough House

If you have crooked teeth and you think you could benefit from Six Month Smiles braces, then please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 0118 391 4599. If you’re based in Berkshire, then you may even want to pop into the clinic to book your first consultation. Our clinic is in the heart of Pangbourne in Reading.


Are Six Month Smiles braces uncomfortable?

A low force gently pushes teeth into place, making this treatment more comfortable than other methods. For example, this treatment is more comfortable than traditional metal braces because the emphasis is on the cosmetic appearance of your smile rather than the position of your bite. This means that fewer teeth are moved and less discomfort.

Will I have to wear a retainer?

With all orthodontic treatment it’s necessary to wear a retainer in order to ensure your smile stays straight. Regular check-ups at Woodborough House will also keep your teeth in great condition.

How much does Six Month Smiles treatment cost?

Costs can vary from patient to patient. After your first consultation, the dentist will be able to give you a cost for treatment. At Woodborough House, we are competitive on price for Six Month Smiles in Reading, Berkshire. We also offer 0% finance payment plan options to help you spread the cost. 

Can 6 Month Smiles braces damage your teeth and gums?

Because this technique uses less force than other teeth straightening methods, there are fewer risks involved. There are no more risks of root damage or other problems than those associated with traditional orthodontics.

How do I get started with Six Month Smiles?

To get started, simply contact us to book a consultation. We treat lots of patients looking for Six Month Smiles in Reading, Berkshire and surrounding areas. If you’re local to us, why not pop in and speak to one of our team. There is ample free parking for a friendly, unhurried visit. 

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Benefits of Six Month Smile Braces in Reading


This treatment is generally more cost-effective than some other methods such as traditional braces or porcelain veneers. This is because it takes less time and fewer appointments to get the same end result.


The clue is in the name! 6 Month Smiles braces can straighten teeth in just six months. Some patients even complete treatment in as little as four months. It all depends on how crooked your teeth are to start with if it’s only a few mm of movement needed the results can start to appear within a few weeks.


Tooth coloured brackets and wires make this treatment discreet. Much better than the unsightly ugly betty braces or train track braces as they are often known as.


The low force used to push the teeth into place makes for a more comfortable treatment on the whole. Patients say that the treatment isn’t painful other than some mild discomfort at the start of treatment when the braces are first fitted.  

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