Quick Straight Teeth in Reading

This is an amazing fixed brace system that straightens teeth in only six months.

How does the system work?

It is understandable to question how results can be achieved in only six months, when most other fixed brace systems take at least twelve months to realign teeth. The answer is that Quick Straight Teeth braces focus on the teeth made apparent when you smile. The braces have been created in accordance with the most advanced technology and use non-friction, titanium memory wires to guide teeth into position quickly and gently.

Do Quick Straight Teeth braces look like train-tracks?

The braces are much finer and lighter than metal braces. They are also tooth-coloured and very discreet.

Does the brace cause any damage to the gums and teeth?

The risk of the braces damaging the teeth and gums is actually lower than with normal braces, as there are no metal bands and the braces use low levels of force to prevent friction and irritation. Also, in the majority of cases, there is no need for tooth extraction before treatment begins.

Why Quick Straight Teeth braces more comfortable than other systems?

The teeth straightening system is comfortable because it uses low level forces to move the teeth. There are no metal bands to cause irritation and no need for any painful adjustments of the wires.

Will a retainer be needed?

You are advised to use a retainer following the completion of treatment. This will help to stop the teeth from moving and keep your smile beautifully straight.

Quick Straight Teeth really is as good as it sounds. Call us today to arrange a consultation.

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The braces are...

Fine and discreet

The brace is fine and matched to the shade of your teeth for less visibility.


Treatment is usually complete within 6 months, much faster than most other teeth straightening treatments.


The braces generate low levels of pressure and use non-friction wires to move teeth quickly.

Good value

Quick Straight Teeth is cheaper than many other teeth straightening treatments.

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