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We have a super team here at Woodborough House, each of whom encapsulates our values of integrity, thoughtfulness and excellence. From our warm and welcoming receptionists to our skilled and smiling nurses, through to our dedicated and detail-driven dentists, each member of the team has been hand-picked to ensure that Woodborough House is a place where our patients know they are in good hands from start to finish.


We have been recognised with lots of awards, most recently the award for Best High Technology Practice at the 2016 Private Dentistry Awards. See what else we have won over the years here.


We have invested a huge amount in our technology, from an in-house CT Scanner to goop-free scanning system the iTero to pain-free injections with The Wand. All to ensure that your experience with us is as comfortable and hassle-free as possible.


We take a lot of pride in our practice and strive to make is as comfortable and welcoming as possible. One of our most popular attractions is our professional coffee machine which churns out pretty excellent hot drinks for patients. We want our practice to feel like a home from home so it is designed with comfort and relaxation in mind.


We offer a huge number of services at Woodborough, all under one roof. From family dentistry, to Specialist Endodontics (roots!), Specialist Periodontics (gums!) and specialist Prosthodontics (implants!) through to Invisalign and Quick Straight Teeth. It is rare to find dental practice where so many specialists operate in the same building!


We believe that one of the most important skills of a dentist is their ability to listen. Our patient’s needs and concerns are paramount and so we ensure that our patient’s voice is heard at every step of their treatment with us.


Visiting the dentist can be nerve wracking so we ensure that all our staff are trained to recognise when a patient might need extra reassurance to ensure they have a relaxed experience with us.


We ensure that all of our patients are completely comfortable with aftercare following any procedures. Our team will always make sure to follow up so that patients feel at ease with the recovery process.


Our patients have high expectations of the care they will receive with us which is why we ensure that we only use the very best equipment and materials.


Each of our dentists is highly trained and well-respected in the dental community. We all have a shared goal of providing the very best dental care, so that you leave us with a healthy and long-lasting smile.

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