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Periodontal Magic!!!

Today Lama has been working her perio magic at WH! We have seen several new patients today, referred to us from other dental practices around the Berkshire area. Lama has been reviewing their periodontal status, taking radiographs, and discussing the extent of gum disease in the mouth. Periodontal disease effects the underlieing tissues and bone in the mouth. When plaque is left around the teeth and the gum margin, it releases toxins, which in turn causes gingivitis. If this is left untreated, it will progress to Periodontal disease. The signs of this disease are mobile teeth, bone loss, drifting teeth and eventually loss of teeth. When reviewing her patients Lama measures the pocket depths of the gum each side of the teeth, takes Xrays to examine any bone loss and explains throughly the extent of the disease and how she can treat it. She may be a little lady but she sure knows how to fight that plaque and disease away!

If you have any questions regarding Gingivitis or Periodontal Disease, then speak to one of our dentist. they will be happy to help.

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