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Pimp up that Tooth!

We are still busy here at the practice. Despite the awful weather and roads, our patients have managed to get here for their appointments. Nae saw a lovely lady today who was actually grateful to have spent an hour with us having fillings!!! She is a new mum so she said “the time to herself was wonderful”. I can think of better ways to be spending my time rather than having fillings!! Shopping springs to mind (hee hee).

She had an old amalgam filling that had some decay underneath it. She decided to “pimp her tooth” and go for a white composite filling to replace it. It looked much better afterwards, and you could hardly tell a filling was there at all. Fab job Nae!!  If you are interested in having some cosmetic dentistry treatment, or having some old amalgams replaced then please talk to you dentist. If this is at all possible, then our team of dentists here will be happy to help.

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