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Plant your teeth the digital way

digital dentistry woodborough house

Dental implants are a big decision for patients who want to replace missing or rotted teeth. Dr Nick Fahey from Woodborough House specialises in dental implant surgery and as a Specialist Prosthodontist and Implant Dentist, both at his own practice and in Harley Street, he has significant experience of carrying out these procedures. Here, Nick examines the details that patients should be looking for to ensure they get the most professional and long-lasting results.


When choosing dental implants, what should I be looking for?

Nick: I always suggest that as we live in a global community you should be having dental implants fitted by one of the global leading implant systems. That way you will be able to get parts from all around the world and in the years to come if required.


Why do you use Straumann Guided Surgery for dental implants?

Nick: It is essential for flapless surgery, especially when we are doing immediate loading. It is also the best way to get the most accurate implant placement. If I was having an implant I would have a Straumann implant and have it placed using guided surgery.


Explain the benefits of SGS?

Nick: SGS results in more accurate implant placements and better immediate loading. It also results in shorter treatment times and reduced surgical trauma.


Will the dental implants procedure hurt?

Nick: No, you will be given sedation and a local anaesthetic. Post-op discomfort is usually minimal.


Is there anything I will need to be aware of prior to surgery?

Nick: You should reduce or stop smoking and make sure you are fit and well and eating a balanced diet. Getting your oral hygiene sorted out too will also help.


How can I protect my dental implants once the procedure is complete?

Nick: Insurance is available and a bite guard is recommended.


Explain about the various Straumann dental technology which is used throughout the process of the dental implant procedure.

Nick: We have a digital work flow, starting with an iTero scan and then use that to make a stent for CT scanning. This scan is then overlayed onto your CT scan to allow for the very best planning. We then do Straumann Guided Surgery (SGS) to place the implant(s) and then, in appropriate cases we scan at surgery for the final restorations which are taken with a Cad Cam and immediately loaded.


What results can I expect to get compared to the conventional process of a dental implant procedure?

Nick: All of these digital procedures are really about making the conventional process much easier, faster and overall the result is better dental implants.

If you’re interested in learning more about dental implants, why not call the Woodborough House on 0118 984 3108 for more information.

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