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The Big Debate

As we are all currently being bombarded by talk about the current elections and the “big debate”, as dental professionals we quite often have debates of our own with our patients. The subject being………..fluoride. Unfortunately, like many areas in the country, Berkshire does not have fluoride in the water supply. This can cause many problems for our children, and ourselves. We need small doses in our water, toothpaste and mouthwashes to help combat tooth decay. It has been highlighted recently in the media, that children of this generation suffer severely from premature tooth loss. Obviously sugar, sweets and diet plays a major role in whether children develop tooth decay or not, but with small amounts of fluoride introduced, this could help prevent early decay. Please obtain advice from dental professionals about fluoride and which toothpastes/mouthwashes are best for your children, as too much fluoride can can cause fluorosis (brown mottling of the teeth) and may be harmful in excessive amounts. As a dental nurse, it is sad too see children having fillings at such a young age, and especially telling mum and dad that they need teeth removed. We want to do all we can for them, and ourselves, to help combat tooth decay and tooth loss.

Getting our children into the habit of brushing teeth, avoiding sugary foods and sweets, and visting the dentist is just one of the ways we can educate them. I may not be the next David Cameron and I may not be best candidate for running the country, but I can say that we need to change the way we think about our childrens dental health. We need to stop and think in regards to feeding our children those fizzy pops and bribing them with a packet of sweets.

If you would like any advice about diet, flouride and tooth decay please talk to our dental professionals. We can help 🙂

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